The Versatility of Bean Bags

The Versatility of Bean Bags
Bean bags have been around ever since the age of our ancestors. Today, the pouches filled with beans serve a variety of purposes. This post talks about the product’s versatility.
Alternative Therapeutic Remedies:
Furniture Art and Design:
Entertainment and Games:
Motor Therapies:
Occupational and physical therapists utilize a beanbag in different activities to promote and enhance motor skills.
They are safer than balls because when clients drop them, they do not wander to other places and are not threats for falls.
Their weight is also ideal because they can easily be thrown, tossed, and kicked around without worrying about causing strain on several muscles.
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Judging the Value of an Oriental Rug

Judging the Value of an Oriental Rug
Oriental rugs originate in the Far and Middle East, the Balkans and North Africa. They are hand-woven or hand-knotted, and their complex and stylized designs vary according to the region in which they were made. Knot count, consistency of weave and quality of dyes and materials allcontribute to the value of an Oriental rugs. While establishing a dollar value requires expert appraisal, a buyer can gain clues to the quality of a rug by examining aspects of its manufacture.
Many people look at the knot count to establish value. While higher knot counts generally indicate a skilled weaver and better grades of silk and wool, some very expensive and beautiful rugs have low knot counts. A fine weave actually detracts from the character of some lovely tribal rugs. On the whole, however, most people find a finely knotted rug attractive since the dense weave allows for smoother and more intricate designs.
The colors and execution of the design heavily influence attractiveness and value. In symmetrical patterns, the designs should not be stretched or compressed. While minor imperfections attest to the handmade nature of the rug, larger imperfections will detract from its value. The number of colors used in a rug will vary with the complexity of the design. Simple geometric patterns may be made of only a few colors, while a complex Persian floral pattern may contain more than 30.
The colors of the rug may appear bright or muted depending on the age of the rug and the types of dyes used. Many quality modern rugs are made with colorfast natural and synthetic dyes. Synthetic dyes come in an array of hues and hold their color well over time. Blurred design outlines may indicate unstable dyes, leading to problems during cleaning. Rubbing with a damp white cloth will indicate colorfastness. Natural dyes are preferred in antique Oriental rugs, usually adding about 30 percent to cost. Laboratory analysis is often required to establish whether a dye is synthetic or natural.
Oriental rugs are usually made of wool pile knotted to cotton warp and weft yarns. The best rugs are generally made of fine, stiff wool with a natural luster. Fluffy, soft wool, while initially attractive, does not hold up under use, and a thick pile does not indicate quality. Some Oriental rugs are made of silk rather than wool. They are very thin, and the fine nature of the silks allows for dense weaving and intricate designs.
The discriminating buyer will choose an Oriental rug regular in shape with bright colors made of high-quality lustrous wool or fine silk in an even weave. Colors will be harmonious and the design elements well executed. A carefully chosen high-quality Oriental rug will provide years of wear and beauty with minimum upkeep.

Cant Decide Which Bob Stroller is For You?

Cant Decide Which Bob Stroller is For You?
If you are shopping for a Bob Stroller, you may not be sure which one you should buy. It all depends on what you plan to do with it.
Urban use
If you live in the city and that is where you will be using the stroller, then you want to check out the Revolution CE. This Bob Stroller is the must-have for the city dweller. With the crowds and congested spaces, you really need that swivel wheel. If you have space to pick up your pace, then you can lock the wheel into a static position so you can move faster. This innovative stroller uses high-tech suspension. Additionally, it sports a padded seat that reclines for baby’s comfort. There is also a harness to strap baby in that mimics the one in a car seat. The five-point safety harness is padded for comfort. If your baby is still a bit young, then you can use the Accessory Adapter to allow you to lock in your infant car seat. Once baby ages, the Accessory Adapter doesn’t go to waste. You can lock in a Bob Snack Tray. All of these features plus you can fold it up easily due to its lightweight design. Perfect for the on-the-go mom in the city.
Fitness Fanatic
Are you a mom who is super active and baby’s arrival has not slowed you down? Then the you want to check out the two strollers Bob designed with fitness in mind: The Crosstrainer Stoller Strides and the Runner Ironman. Both models come with a high-tech suspension system with a lightweight design that doesn’t weigh you down when you fold it up and get moving. Plus, either model will allow you to utilize the Accessory Adapter so your car seat makes this stroller safe for younger babies. You can even get either stroller in a double model. If you are a cross trainer, you will appreciate the versatility of the Stroller Strides stroller. Not only is this an amazing stroller with it also comes with an exercise manual and exercise tubing so you can keep switching it up. This stroller also comes with a handlebar console. It also sports a swivel wheel that can be locked into place when you really pick up the pace. The Ironman is a prayer answered for the jogger. With its low profile tires and the fixed front wheel, you can hit any surface you want at any speed. You don’t have to worry about baby, who is protected by the ultra padded seat that reclines as well as the car seat worthy padded five-point harness.
Out-of-the-Way adventurer
If you like to hit all sorts of scenery, then the Sport Utility stroller is your baby’s ride. The polymer composite wheels allow for high-impact and maximum traction. The fixed front wheel allows you to run and hike even the toughest trails. Yet, this stroller will fold up easily and its lightweight design won’t weigh you down. You know baby is riding smoothly because of the padded seat and five-point safety harness. Available in a dual stroller model, you can also utilize the Accessory Adapter with your car seat to make it safe for infants. Check out all the designs of the Bob Stroller. There is an incarnation for whatever your life brings.