Passions of Tudor Monarchs in Different Artistic Genres

Passions of Tudor Monarchs in Different Artistic Genres
A number of dynasties have acquired the English throne, but none of them has stamped itself more sturdily on the conscious of the country than the Tudors monarchs. These monarchs ruled the nation more than a century. They were the great mentor of arts, who gave a boost to the arts and culture, so there is no doubt that they played a significant role in the renaissance age. Architecture, painting and renaissance dresses were flourished during the era of the Tudor monarchs, which pave the way for trends in the modern times. Of course, there were some pitfall in their kingdoms, such as religious dogmatism of Mary I, but still their contribution has a great imprint on the society.
Architecture, painting, dance & music, clothing styles and jewelry etc., are some of the aspects that we can take as instances in this regard.
Architecture: Henry VIII, the second Tudor monarch, was a great fond of architecture. He obtained Hampton Court Palace from Cardinal Wolsey, and began the process of rebuilding. Moreover, Nonsuch Palace was his grandest building project. Besides, the architecture of Tudors is reflected in their houses, inns, villages and many more. A number of scholars accept the Tudor architecture as a separate genre, which was revived in the 20th century, and was known as Tudor revival architecture.
Paintings: Queen Elizabeth loved paintings, and she had her own collection. It cannot be forgotten that this was the era of some great painters like Leonardo da Vinci.
Dance & Music: Queen Elizabeth would seem interested in the fun activities such as dance and music. Her Volta dance with Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester, is supposed to be one of the great incidences by the dance lovers. This dance has been shown in a famous 1998 film, “Elizabeth”.
Clothing Styles: Development of medieval costumes and discovery of new style renaissance costumes were the great achievements the renaissance age. Passion about the costumes can be witnessed in the Tudor monarchs also. In this field also, the styles of Queen Elizabeth keep a great significance. Her dresses would be beaded with ornaments, which would give them the perfect royal looks. The Elizabeth-style dresses are the fashion statements for women on today’s wedding parties.
Jewelry: The jewelry of Tudor kings and queens are also of the great significance. A number of people like to wear the ornaments of their styles. Jewels in the style of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Edward VI and Elizabeth I provide the great appearance, and they undoubtedly gained the popularity among a number of people.
We cannot deny the fact that Tudor monarchs had a great creative instinct, which had given a lot to the people of the modern times.