Stair Runner Rugs For Beautiful Stairways And Cozier Feel For

Stair Runner Rugs For Beautiful Stairways And Cozier Feel For You
Stair runners provide the unique look of your stairway and the comfortable feel for your feet while climbing it up and down. Enhance the beauty of your stairway and make it cozier for you.

If you are really looking for information on how to choose the perfect stair runner carpet then you should read on and will find out many interesting facts and useful tips.

As most stair runners have pretty unique shape and size, you will be very nicely surprised to see how beautifully they?ll look when property installed on your stairway.

Installing stair runner

As I mentioned installing stair runner (like an Oriental stair runner), I must say it?s not for everybody. Despite my sincere efforts to do it right, I?ve failed many times, so I find it sometimes impossible even for the handiest housewives. You should just let the professionals do their job, because they are the people who really know how to install a runner on stairs.

As for installing a braided stair runner, this is a completely different thing. It?s like playing with dolls. I?ve done it successfully for a few stairs in my home and it?s easy and fast. The result is very satisfying ? beautifully looking stairs full of bright colors and lovely patterns, and the most important – comfortable feel under your feet ? just perfect.

Benefits of having a stair runner rug:

– Stair runner rugs soften your foot steps
– Protect your stairs from scratches and spills
– They are perfect against dirt and also
– Very easy to clean
– Enhance the look of your stairway when properly installed

When it comes to choose the perfect stair runner carpet for your home you should consider many things:

– Braided or oriental stair runner is cheaper – depends on the brand, but usually the braided stair runners are cheaper and cover more area of your stairs.

– Rectangle or oval braided stair runner ? depends only on your decision. My advice – I prefer rectangles because they cover more area.

– The wide range of color combinations and beautiful patterns can complement any d?cor ? what you need to do is choose the ones that will match your decor. And if you combine your braided stair runners with a matching braided rug for your entrance ? it will be perfect combination.

Oriental stair runners at affordable prices

Well, the authentic Oriental stair runners are more expensive, starting sometimes from $300 to $500 (the shortest styles). As for Oriental inspired stair runner rugs ? they are made from synthetic materials (such as polypropylene) and are at very affordable prices that you will love. And that is not all, the synthetic material makes them stronger and more durable, their life is extended for years without fading or wearing out.